MindBender: What can be done at a meeting without quorum (Answer)

Without a quorum, those present can still schedule an Adjourned Meeting, with no additional notice required, even if the bylaws do not provide for Special Meetings. Then they may Fix the Time to Which to Adjourn to the time set for the Adjourned Meeting. The Adjourned Meeting can be for later in the same day, or the next day, or anytime later, but prior to the next Regular Meeting. In the meantime, they can round up members to attend. (Refer to RONR pp. 347-349)

If the business is of such urgency that it is not feasible to schedule an Adjourned Meeting, then the members present can act in the absence of a quorum in the hope that their actions will be later Ratified at a meeting with quorum. They are, however, doing so at their own risk, and may be held personally responsible for action taken without a quorum. Such action is null and void unless later ratified. (Refer to RONR p. 124)