Mindbender: President moving to adjourn meeting (Answer)

According to RONR, if the pre-scheduled (by adoption of an agenda or program) hour of adjournment has arrived, the chair simply announces that fact and declares the meeting adjourned. If the assembly does not wish to adjourn, then the orders of the day can be set aside by a two-thirds vote. If the meeting wished to adjourn earlier it may do so by adoption of a main motion requiring a majority vote.

Also, when it appears that there is no further business in a meeting of an ordinary local society that normally goes through a complete order of business at each regular meeting, the chair, instead of waiting or calling for a motion to adjourn, can ask, "Is there any further business?" If there is no response, the chair can then say, "Since there is no further business, the meeting is adjourned."

(See RONR pp. 240-241 for further details.)